Drivers Licence Audit

Consort Driver Licence Checking Facility

At Consort we have a facility to check your Drivers licence’s as and when required during your insurance term. The process is simple, and is as follows:

1)    Sign and date a mandate which include the following fields:

  • Driver full name
  • Address as per the licence
  • Driver licence number

2)    This mandate now allows us to return results for three years from date of signing, with no further input needed.

3)    The most common fields we currently report on for our clients are:

  • Driver full name
  • Full driver licence categories
  • Driver licence number
  • Current endorsements and expiry date

Typically, we run this check twice during a policy period. The first at 5 months and second at 10 months. However, we are flexible to complete this as regularly as is required. We then incorporate this into our renewal negotiations when representing you in the market.

The cost for this service is competitive and is determined by both the process agreed upon and the size of your motor fleet.