The main purpose of buying an insurance policy is that when a claim arises insurers will settle in a fair and fast way. At Consort Insurance we know that no two claims are the same. We recognise that an insurance policy is an intangible purchase; it is our business to ensure that all aspects of a claim are handled quickly and efficiently, and that the client is satisfied with every phase of the claims experience.  We feel that nobody knows your policy better than us.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of being involved in a claim, then we will make sure the customer experience is second to none by handling your claim in the fastest most efficient way.

On top of our first class claims service we offer innovative and simple solutions such as our claims reporting app. We provide you with all the tools and support you may need throughout your policy and in the event of a claim.

Notification of Claims

It is important to notify us of a claim at the very earliest possibility, any delay in notification could affect the way the claim is handled by insurers. In the event of a claim please contact our claims department immediately on 01621 890297 (In office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm)

Out of normal office hours

If you require claims assistance outside of our normal office hours, please refer to your individual insurer claims emergency contact line. This will be detailed within your Policy Schedule, which you will find on your Client Service Portal account.