As businesses and industries continue to shift towards digitalisation to drive efficiencies in operational processes, cyber threats are increasingly becoming a key risk. Consequently, there’s a growing need for businesses to ensure they’re protected against such threats. Any business, large or small, can be the victim of a cyber attack. The majority of attacks aren’t specifically targeted meaning all businesses must take this growing threat seriously.

Cyber threats are continually evolving, moving from viruses to more sophisticated methods like ransomware and social engineering. The shift to cloud computing, Internet of Things Devices and mobile technology is a growing area of potential risk. If confidential information is obtained, the onus will be with the owner of the organisation and, therefore, it is important to be protected against such risks. The impact of such data breaches can have huge financial consequences, including costs associated with outside computer forensic analysis professionals, legal costs incurred in managing a breach, compliance assessment, monitoring, restoration, ransomware demand, civil litigation and regulatory enforcement actions.

Consort works across the insurance market to find the most comprehensive covers available, please see the below tabs for more information


  • Cover for the costs of an incident manager, specialist IT forensics and legal support
  • Experts will identify the type of attack and the extent of the damage, and if data has been compromised, they will resolve the attack and support with any regulatory reporting required.

Notification costs

  • Cover for the costs to notify and provide credit or identity fraud monitoring services to individuals affected by a data security breach.
  • Includes the costs of reporting events to the regulator.

Reputation management

Cover for the costs of public relations consultants to minimise adverse publicity following a cyber event.

Resilient improvements

Varying levels of cover for the additional costs to improve the resilience of your computer system following a loss, to prevent a similar incident in the future.

Criminal reward

Cover for a reward, paid by you, which leads to a conviction or the recovery of a financial loss following a covered cyber event.

IT systems and data

Reinstate, recreate or restore data, software or websites and repair or replace damaged computer equipment following a virus, hack or denial of service attack.

Cyber extortion

Expenses to respond to actual or threatened compromise of the insured’s network or data, including ransom payments (where insurable by law).

Business interruption

Cover for loss of revenue and additional increase in cost of working, including loss of future customers due to reputational damage, following a cyber event.

Outsourced service providers

Business interruption cover extends to include interruption to your contracted providers of information technology, data hosting or data processing services as standard.

System failure

Cover for loss of income and additional expenses as a result of an unintentional and unplanned malfunction or outage of your computer equipment.

Manufacturing and other industrial processes

Cover extended to include cyber events which affect industrial control systems.

Data privacy and confidentiality

Cover for claims made against you due to:

  • Breach of confidence or misuse of individuals private information or personal data
  • breach of data protection legislation
  • loss or disclosure of third party confidential commercial information.

Regulatory fines and penalties

Cover for lawfully insurable regulatory fines and penalties, including legal costs, following a breach of data protection regulations.

Network security

Cover for claims made against you due to your:

  • negligent transmission of a virus
  • failure to prevent unauthorised access that results in a denial-of-service attack. 


Cover for claims made against you due to copyright infringement, defamation, libel, slander and costs to remove online media to minimise a loss.

  • Media Removal costs – cover for costs to remove online content which avoids a multimedia liability claim being made against you.

Payment card industry

Cover for the fines, penalties and assessment costs resulting from non-compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards due to a breach of personal data.

Unauthorised use of computer equipment

Cover for financial loss resulting from the unauthorised use of your computer equipment by a third party.

Social engineering fraud

Cover for financial loss resulting from a third party inducing, or deceiving your employee, by impersonating or claiming to be another person or organisation entitled to the funds.

Funds transfer fraud

Cover for financial loss resulting from a fraudulent instruction sent to your bank.

Telecommunications fraud

Cover for charges payable to your telecommunications supplier due to the unauthorised use of your telephone systems.

Corporate identity fraud

Cover for the costs and expenses incurred to reinstate public records following fraudulent modification, alteration or theft of your identity.

Theft of personal money

Cover for the loss of personal money due to unauthorised access to the business network.