We are rarely asked what healthcare insurance is, however, we are frequently asked if this is a policy type we can arrange and, if so, what the main benefits of having such a policy are:

To answer the first and certainly most straightforward of the two questions: yes, we certainly can arrange healthcare insurance and we would be delighted to both discuss and provide terms for you and your business.

Now to try and substantiate some of the benefits and to give some direction as to the key areas to consider:

  • Employees who are happy and healthy have fewer sickness days which in turn leads to maximum levels of productivity and profitability in the workplace being more frequently achieved
  • Should an unfortunate situation occur and an employee is taken ill, having an efficient Healthcare policy in place will certainly mean that they receive specialist care without delay; this will both see them back to health and back to work. Beyond this, it will be a company benefit that has seen them through a troubled time and few would argue there is no value and/or pleasure in this
  • It is a fantastic way to incentivise employees; most if not all employees will consider the addition of Healthcare to their remuneration package as a benefit which all current and future employees will really value – this can also be a key tool in recruitment
  • It is a nice way to demonstrate that the management is considerate and thoughtful to the wellbeing of its workforce

The above reasons generally lead on to numerous additional questions:

  • Do all employees have to receive the same level of cover?
  • Are we as the company responsible for excesses charged?
  • What about employees who work away from our main site (maybe even internationally)?
  • Are employees able to select where they may receive treatment?
  • Do we as the employer have to fund 100% of the premiums?
  • Can employees include their family members?
  • Can I have control over the premium and are there ways to manage costs?

The answer to all and many more questions is simply:

This policy type is vast and extremely versatile, it can be built to react to your requirements; essentially the most important thing to do is to discuss your wants and needs with us, we will then provide you with the appropriate options.

  • Prompt access to diagnosis and to latest treatments, drugs and medical technology
  • Convenience appointments that fit around work
  • Quality private health cover to help get you back to work quickly
  • Comfortable surroundings for comfort and relaxation when receiving treatment
  • Simple claims processes
  • Flexible and affordable plans for businesses of different sizes

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