Solicitors and accounting firms are among the list of occupations in professional services. Commonly held examples also include, but are not limited to, dentists, actuaries, engineers, and surgeons. These professions all face a variety of risks emanating from various aspects of their trading activities. These threat levels are heightened by the adoption of new high-speed technologies at the heart of all modern businesses.

Consort Insurance creates and manages bespoke risk portfolios on behalf of a variety of client groups. We will take the time to present all the options available to you and to explain the advantages (and disadvantages) of each. We make a point of ensuring that you have only one point of contact but that they are backed up by a team of support staff with a wealth of relevant experience.

Professional institutions are especially vulnerable to the actions and claims of employees, investors, suppliers and clientele, in addition to the uncertainties that all businesses face. Consort Insurance can go a long way towards mitigating those risks.

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