In a sector as diverse as Food, Drink and Catering, the type of insurance you require may vary considerably depending on the product or service you provide. Some types of cover are, of course, obligatory, whilst others are perfectly viable on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. However, where risks are specific to your particular area of operation, we can step in and draw on our specialist knowledge and experience.

We can arrange insurance cover for:

  • Food Growers
  • Food Wholesalers
  • Agents
  • Food Quality Control and Inspection Specialists
  • Food Packagers
  • Cleaners
  • Those involved in the maintenance of mechanical equipment

How quickly your claim is dealt with is, of course, always important, but in the Food, Drink and Catering sector it is vital. Damage to premises and equipment can slow your business down; damage to your reputation can stop it in its tracks.

We keep abreast of new food hygiene and health and safety legislation in order to keep you informed of new or emerging risk threats.

If you are new to this type of insurance we will guide you through the application process, if not, our performance review may show up gaps or weaknesses in your cover.

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