Entertainment and Event Organisers typically require a policy that protects against any of the following situations and/or cover types:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment
  • Employers’ Liability – including volunteers
  • Equipment
  • Financial Loss
  • Property Owners
  • Public Liability

Essentially, all professions involved in Entertainment will have different exposures to the above list. However, whether you sell tickets, plan on sponsoring, own a venue or manage an act, it is important to build a policy that reflects your needs appropriately.

When planning an event, regardless of the effort that is put in at the preparation stage, all must agree that unforeseen situations can and will occur. At best an unforeseen situation may affect a small group of people attending or possibly disrupt their enjoyment slightly. At worst an unforeseen situation could massively compromise profits or even cause the event to be cancelled in its entirety; the most obvious example of an unforeseen situation would be weather, a less common place example would be a day of national mourning.

We can advise you on all of the abovementioned areas and have the appropriate insurer relationships in place to both build and service your placement needs.

We also offer guidance on: