At the forefront of consumer markets, retail and consumer goods companies have to maintain strong customer relationships at all times and safeguard their reputation and brand integrity from potential threats.

When carrying out critiques within this sector we often identify areas not necessarily where there is a gap in cover but where there is capacity within the insurance industry to make commonsensical improvements. For example, a Product Recall extension or an employee re-wage endorsement. Wordings within this industry are wide and by simply accepting what is suggested to be a “specialist wording” you may well miss out on the chance to build into your policy an extension(s) which has a genuine benefit. We take the time to understand your risk so that your business benefits from the most appropriate extensions/conditions.

Dependent on your trade/product type within this sector or the size of the applicable chain, the policies below can be arranged in isolation.

All of the below, as well as many other policy types, will either be sensible purchases or legal obligations. If this is the first time you have had to arrange placement, we will guide you through the application process. In the event that you have pre-existing covers/arrangements, we will happily carry out a performance critique.

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