Property Developers & Owners

There are few property development and ownership scenarios we have not encountered, from the straightforward to the out-and-out unconventional and from high vacancy rates (and high risk tenants) to contaminated land, we can recommend and arrange the most suitable cover.

We will make every effort to understand your risk. If you are new to this type of insurance we will walk you through the options and make the application process as painless as possible. If you already have insurance cover, we will conduct a quick and efficient performance review.

Some insurance types are standard contractual obligations, while others are just sensible precaution; we offer practical guidance on both. We can advise building owners and landlords on Property Owners’ Liability insurance, explain items such as rent conditions, build in low claims rebate clauses and make sure that you have the information necessary to make an informed decision on excess levels.

We can also assist Property Developers and Owners with:

  • Environmental Impairment Liability – which provides cover for, not only the clean-up costs following a pollution incident but the costs of reinstating the environment as it was before the incident (in accordance with EU law)
  • Latent Defects – which protects new builds and renovation projects against claims resulting from poor design or workmanship, or faulty materials
  • Contract Works – which covers against damage to on-site materials and equipment (often a pre-requisite in any agreement with a contractor)
  • Performance Bonds – surety bonds issued by insurance companies that underwrite the satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor
  • Management Liability including Directors and Officers