In insurance terms, the Communications, Media and Technology sector includes film production, broadcast, online and print media, and software development and publishing; it is as diverse as it is extensive. Whether you design online games, shoot music videos or run a multi-million pound print and fulfilment operation, we can arrange the type and level of cover most appropriate to you.

Geographical policy restrictions are often a concern (especially with regard to the US). When conducting insurance audits we are frequently advised by clients that desired cover levels are not available; this is simply not the case. Often, underwriters will identify or impose special terms, either because information has not been presented to them in an appropriate manner or because they were not the most relevant insurer in the first place. While we cannot guarantee to find cover that extends across all territories, our greater understanding of both your business and of insurers’ concerns frequently leads us to a practical solution.

Communications, Media and Technology may be a large sector but our advice will always be tailored to your insurance needs.

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