Regardless of location, raw materials or end product, the two most important considerations for manufacturers seeking insurance cover are:

  1. The extent of exposure in the event of product failure, and
  2. The effect upon the business of any serious disruption in production

Such disruption need not be confined to your production line – or even your premises; a fire at a supplier’s factory, a major retail outlet or an important customer’s warehouse for example could affect both cash flow and your reputation. At Consort Insurance we recognise that while the cause of these scenarios might be beyond your control, the effect may leave you contractually liable for all losses incurred. Before placing cover we make it our business to understand your business and to identify potential (and possibly unforeseen) threats.

Geographical policy restrictions are often a problem for manufacturing businesses involved in export and are an area in which we have considerable expertise. It is not uncommon for us to be advised by clients when conducting insurance audits on their behalf that desired cover levels are simply not available. Our experience has shown that this is not always the case. Frequently we are able to obtain cover simply by ensuring that underwriters are supplied with the information necessary to reach a more informed decision.

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